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UBC Units
Land and Food Systems
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Michael Smith Laboratories
Botany Enthusiasts Club
Cell Biology Group
Biodiversity Research Centre
Evolution Group
Marine Biology

Botanical Societies
Alpine Garden Club
Burns Bog Conservation Society
Desert Plant Society of Vancouver
Native Plant Society of British Columbia
Richmond Nature Park
Stanley Park Ecology Society
Vancouver Mycological Society
Nature Vancouver
Canadian Society of Plant Physiologists
Botanical Society of America
American Society of Plant Biologists

Fungi Perfecti
Facts about Fungi
BioImages: the Virtual Field Guide
Doctor Fungus
Tom Volk's Fungi Collection

American Fern Society
Cold Hardy Tree Ferns
Raising Ferns from Spores

Aquatic Plants
Michael Guiry's Seaweed Site
Western Australia Seagrass
Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants

Carnivorous Plants
International Carnivorous Plant Society
Australian Carnivorous Plant Society Inc.

Henriette's Herbal Homepage
Herb Research Foundation
Trees of BC
Canoe Plants of Ancient Hawaii
Plants of the Machiguenga
Wealth of the Rainforest

General Botany
Botany Careers
American Phytopatholical Society
Lycophyte Morphology
Cacti and Succulents
Orchids of Wisconsin
UBC Herbarium
UW Herbarium at the Burke Museum
Harvard University Herbaria
Purdue University Herbaria
Kew Herbarium Catalogue
National Herbarium of the Netherlands

Botanical Gardens
UBC Botanical Garden
Van Dusen Botanical Garden - Vancouver
Sun Yat-Sen Gardens - Vancouver
Butchart Gardens - Victoria
Devonian Botanical Garden - Edmonton
Royal Botanical Gardens - Hamilton
Memorial University Botanical Garden - St. John's
Chase Garden - Graham, WA
Wrigley Botanical Gardens - Avalon, CA
UCSC Arboretum - Santa Cruz, CA
Quail Botanical Gardens - Encinitas, CA
Chicago Botanic Garden - Chicago, IL
Holden Arboretum - Kirtland, OH
Memphis Botanic Garden - Memphis, TN
Matthaei Botanical Gardens - Ann Arbor, MI
Boerner Botanical Gardens Milwaukee, WI
Missouri Botanical Garden - St. Louis, MO
South Carolina Botanical Garden - Clemson, SC
United States Botanic Garden - Washington DC
Morris Arboretum - Philadelphia, PA
Brooklyn Botanic Garden - Brooklyn, NY
Lyon Arboretum - Honolulu, HI
National Tropical Botanical Garden - Hawaii
Royal Botanic Gardens - Kew
Botanischer Garten - Berlin

Plant Biotechnology
UC Berkeley Introduction to Biotechnology
NY Times Biotech Articles
Arabidopsis Genome
Rice Genome

Plant Physiology
Yanofsky Lab - UC San Diego
Haughn Lab - UBC

Conservation and Research
World Conservation Monitoring Centre
National Research Council Canada
Dr. William Newcomb - Queens University
Dr. Gerald Carr - Oregon State University
Article on Coevolution in Plants

Virtual Library of Botany
Internet Directory for Botany

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