Guest Speaker- Urszula Zajączkowska

Wednesday December 14, 2022
10:00 am ~ 11:00 am
Plant's times and spaces
MSL Auditorium
Mary Berbee
Guest Speaker- Urszula Zajączkowska
Faculty of Forestry of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences
Botany Seminar Series

Polish botanist and poet Urszula Zajaczkowska is a visiting scientist at Mansfield's Lab. 

Film School graduate and professor at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. Winner of the main film award at the Light Festival as well as the audience award at the Miami Scinema Film Festival and the Scinema Film Festival in Australia. Author of three collections of poetry and one of essays. It was granted by the Koscielski Foundation, the oldest literary prize in Poland. Her scientific research focuses on plant anatomy and morphogenetics. She developed the laboratory for plant kinetics and biomechanics at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. Her interests include plant growth, mechanics, and aerodynamics. 

Her presentation will focus on symmetry in plant morphology and wound regeneration in trees. She will look into the effects of rains on bryophyte leaves, plant movements that correlate to changes in lunisolar gravity, as well as other topics...