Emerging Leadership- Winnie Cheung, Lab Manager, Department of Botany and Biodiversity Research Centre

Winnie Cheung demonstrates her commitment to the wellbeing and success of her community, and sets an example for building a respective and collaborative workplace.   She works hard to create a sense of unity in the lab and more generally with everyone within the Biodiversity Research Centre (BRC) and Botany Department. She understands that a happy, safe and respectful environment will let everyone in the lab bring out their best work.

As lab manager, Winnie has built a supportive and respectful environment, where researchers, lab technicians, students and postdocs can thrive, especially those who are new to Vancouver and to Canada.

She takes initiative to help students navigate challenges and meet deadlines, even volunteering to support with field research collection. When lab members are overseas Winnie continues to keep in contact and ongoing support to ensure their projects remain on track. Recently, when a couple of lab members were injured in an earthquake overseas, Winnie facilitated contact with the Canadian embassy to ensure their safe return.

Outside of the lab, Winnie pursues professional development for leadership and management skills, with which she is streamlining processes and developing resources for administrators in the department.