What happens when I make a report through the Investigations Office?

If you decide to make a report through the UBC Investigations Office, first you will fill out the online reporting form. The Director of Investigations will review the report and determine if they have the jurisdiction to investigate. If so, a copy of the report will be provided to the respondent (person accused of harassment or misconduct) and asked to respond. The response will determine whether an investigation is necessary. If the complainant indicates that they would like to pursue Alternative Resolution (AR), the viability of AR will be explored with both parties. Otherwise, an investigation will take place and be completed within 60 days. The investigator will make a ‘finding of fact’. If they find that misconduct did occur, disciplinary measures will be imposed by the appropriate authority for the perpetrator involved in the case (e.g. Department Head, Dean, President). Throughout this process, you have the right to an advocate and support (see Guidance/Support resources in chart). You will also be able to meet with the investigator and submit questions to be asked of the respondent.