Can I remain anonymous when filing a report?

When you file a report with the UBC Investigations office, you can request that your report be anonymous. However, whether or not an anonymous report is possible in a particular case will depend on the circumstances. Usually, if you are reporting an incident that occurred to you directly, it is not possible to report anonymously because you would need to participate in the investigation. It is possible to file a report as a third party anonymously, but again it will depend on the circumstances. Even when you request to remain anonymous, the Investigations Office asks for your contact information in order to advise you of their decision, or if they need additional information.

You can consult with the Equity and Inclusion Office anonymously, but information will not be further investigated unless the Associate Vice President of Equity and Inclusion determines it appropriate to do so and initiates a complaint.

If you file with the police and wish to remain anonymous, you can submit a Third-Party Report. The SVPRO can help you learn about the process and options for filing a Third-Party Report.