Teaching Faculty #76

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Humboldt State University, BC- Zoology

Humboldt State University, MSc- Immunology

University of Georgia, PhD- Botany

Currently serving as Academic Director for First Year Experience

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My teaching interests include First Year Transition, Collaborative Learning, and Interdisciplinary Learning. Although I am not currently teaching first year courses, I spend the bulk of the year advising, designing, and delivering training for UBC orientation programming (Jump Start and Imagine Day). Doing so provides a great opportunity to work closely with academics from other faculties where I constantly learn new approaches that I bring into my classrooms. I am also embedded in UBC Collegia as a Faculty Fellow where I experience first year students outside of the classroom and outside of Science. Doing so provides rich opportunity to gauge the first year experience on this campus. I am interested in collaborative learning processes, including complete and total examinations (as opposed to two-stage examinations.)

Courses Taught/Teaching

Biol 121

Science One

Biol 345

Biol 342